Terms and Conditions

1) We reserve the right to reject any holiday accommodation, site or park entry that we feel is unfit for inclusion on our site without an explanation.

2) We reserve the right to place any holiday accommodation, site or park into a category other than that chosen by the owner if we feel they have chosen the wrong category.

3) We reserve the right to enter any account and duplicate any website addresses into multiple categories if we feel the website would benefit from inclusion in categories other than those included by the owner.

4) By uploading any holiday accommodation, site or park you agree to allow us to copy information from your website to include in the 'description' if we feel insufficient information has been added.

5) The linking site must be holiday related.

6) It must not display pop-ups linking to gambling, pornographic or other unsavory links.

7) Sites which do not go back to www.cornwall4u.com when the back button is pressed are not accepted.

8) The site must not be 'under construction'.


10) We do not accept sites which use free servers i.e. Geocities, Yahoo.

11) We reserve the right to refuse any link application without explanation.

12) We are an independent website holiday accommodation directory which allows others to advertise their businesses. We accept no responsibility for any misinformation supplied by any holiday accommodation owner or business included in the listings on this site.

13) We reserve the right to alter or add to or remove any words or phrases in entries to increase our search engine page rankings which are in the interest of all entries.

14) We reserve the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time